© 4-IZE


Real Name : Tony Hayes III

Date of Birth : 01/01/1975

Origin : Chicago, IL, USA



Originally from the West Suburbs of Chicago (Oak Park), Illinois. 4-IZE uses every letter and every word as a verbal weapon in his battle to reach success in the music industry. His glasses are used as his third eye to see his way through the world. 4-IZE took what was once an insult in his childhood years, and uses it as his ‘moniker’. It serves as a constant reminder of how he learned self-confidence in his struggle to be an individual. 4-IZE began rapping in 1991 with his first group known as the LOUDMOUTH HOOLIGANS; a group that included Ludacris. They began performing at local hometown events, talent competitions and record company sponsored showcases. - Last.FM

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